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    OTF Knife Mini Button on Face Silver

    This Out-the-Front (OTF) knife features the button on the belly of the handle. Comes with a pocket clip and a glassbreaker.

    Blade: 1.875″
    Overall: 5.75″
    Closed: 3.875″
    Weight: 1.3 oz.

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    Ranch Style Auto Knife Mini

    California Legal automatic knives. Comes with 6 each of 4 different handle styles: black acrylic, white acrylic, faux jigged bone and red wood.

    Blade: 1.75″
    Overall: 4.75″
    Closed: 2.75″

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    Rubberized Handle OTF Knife – Recurve Tanto

    This OTF knife has a rubberized handle the provides an excellent grip. This smaller version OTF is sturdy and pops out of the handle with authority. Comes with a pocket clip and glassbreaker on the end.

    Blade: 2.625″
    Overall: 7″
    Closed: 4.125″
    Weight: 4.4 oz.

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    Silver Single Pen Blade

    These popular high quality executive pens are expensive looking but they have a little surprise inside. Pull it apart to reveal a 2.5 inch blade. Its great for letter opening. The pen measures 5.5 inch. Overall Length: 5.5 Inches

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    Sport Mini Knife

    California Legal automatic knives. Comes in different colors.

    Blade: 1.75″
    Overall: 5″
    Closed: 3”

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    Tactical Automatic Knife – Single Edge

    In and out automatic knife. Out the Front automatic knife. The blade is sprung in and out with a flip of the switch. Non-slip grip on both sides of the handle. Has window breaker on the end of the handle.

    Blade: 3″
    Overall: 8.25″
    Closed: 5.25″

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    Wood Overlay Handle Spear Point

    This automatic knife features a spear point blade and wood overlay handle. Includes a safety switch on the back to avoid accidental opening while in your pocket.

    Blade: 3.25″
    Overall: 8.125″
    Closed: 4.625″
    Weight: 4.5 oz.


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