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    Very loud alarm brings attention to your situation immediately! This multi-purpose alarm can also protect a door letting you know it’s been opened. Carry with you for personal protection or guard an interior door or window.

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    MACE is a highly recognized and respected brand name in the field of personal protection devices. For over 20 years, company has been producing high quality self defense products that help assure the safety and security of people who use them. When activated, the MACE Screecher works by emitting an extremely loud and high-pitched noise. These alarm units may be mini sized, but they pack an amazing 125dB audio wallop! This sound will alert others that you are in danger and in urgent need of assistance.

    125 db Sonic Blast
Scares Off Attachers
Perfect for Emergency Situations
Net Weight 10 grams

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    The Wireless Child Leash Wrist Band

    Keeping track of your child in a busy place can take up all of your attention. Especially if they are prone to wandering off on their own, right? Maybe you’ve seen a parent holding onto a “rope” connected to their toddler and thought how odd that looks.

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    Weatherproof 12 Piece Lightstick Set

    8-12 hour, 6-Inch safety lightsticks family pack, 4 White, 2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Orange, non-toxic, non-flammable, weatherproof, great for emergency, power outages, camping and marine sports


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