Taser brand stun guns

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    Shock voltage: 1800KV The best launch distance: 5m Battery: 4.8V standard, rechargeable Launch distance: within 5 meters (2.5 meters – 3 meters best) Arc penetration effect: about 1 inch of clothes Shock Batter: Comes with 2 cartridges $15 for each additional cartridge.
    Advantages: Long-distance electric shock is safer than self-defense, protect yourself from a distance.

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    Taser Pulse Plus

    • Optimized self-defense range: 15-foot Shooting distance, ideal for most defensive situations
    • Powerful protection ensures a safe escape: 30-second muscular override gives you time to get away, and we’ll replace your TASER device free of charge
    • Effective up close: contact stun capabilities help at close range or in the event of a missed shot
    • Legal to own, legal to carry: no License needed in most States
    • Comfortable to carry and Use: shaved safeties and angled sights make the Pulse ergonomic to carry and draw

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